Magnetic Proximity Switch

Magnetic Proximity Switch

Custom Options

  • Variable electrical specificatoiins
  • Variable actuation distances
  • Variable individual magnets
  • Wire length variable


  • Nylon Plastic Case
  • Leads - 6" Standar, 14/ 38 PVC Insulated Wire
  • Leads colours: normally open - red
  • Actuators sold separately


  • Operating distance will vary with the size of the magnet. Product of amps and voltage not to exceed wattage rating. Specifications subject to change. Specifications deemed to be correct at the time of posting. all dimensions in mm.
  • Small Size, Screw down mounting, Size: 30mm x 18mm x 1mm
  • Contact Rating 10W, Operating Voltage 24 VDC/ 220VDC
  • Available in No-Contacct-Rating 10W, 200VDC
  • Application areas include Rotation Sensing, Machine Tools, Photo copiers, Flow sensing, Elevators, Conveyors, Washing Machines, Limit Switches, etc.